Customer Service Notice Alert Level 3 and 2

Please Book Prior To Arrival

To ensure we can eliminate face-to-face or sustained close contact and allow our team to manage workflow, our preference is for bookings to be made in advance. You can book online at or via our call centre on 0800 286 697.


Level 3 – Auckland and Waikato

What to Expect On Arrival

As part of our contactless service offering during Alert Level 3, please note the following important information:

  • Arrive at your chosen store five minutes before your scheduled booking time.
  • Customers with bookings will be given priority, and due to reduced work capacity as we eliminate face-to-face or sustained close contact you may need to allow additional time for your vehicle to be serviced. You will be advised of any potential delays before commencing work on your vehicle.
  • On arrival, please park outside the store in the designated customer parking area and wait by your vehicle.
  • Please do not try and enter the premises. A member of our team will greet you at your vehicle whilst maintaining two metres separation to eliminate face-to-face or sustained close contact.
  • Once your identity and contact details have been confirmed our friendly team member will ask you to place your vehicle’s key in a sanitised holder.  
  • Once we have the key we ask that you kindly wait outside or you may wish to leave the premises while your vehicle is being assessed and then serviced.
  • Prior to commencing work, a member of the team will call you on the contact number provided on your booking to advise you of work required and associated costs for your acceptance (where applicable).
  • We will complete the work, ensuring safety procedures are adhered to (as outlined below).   
  • On completion of the work we will disinfect your vehicle (as outlined below) and key, then phone you to advise your vehicle is ready to collect.
  • When you return to the store please knock on the reception door again so our team knows you have arrived. Please don’t enter the premises.
  • A team member will invite you in to the showroom to facilitate payment.
  • We apologise for the inconvenience but during this time we will NOT be able to accept any cash payments. EFTPOS machines will be sanitised pre and post use.
  • We will hand you your key to you on a sanitised holder and you will be ready to go!



We Are Working Hard To Protect the Safety of Customers and Staff

  • Strictly no person with flu like symptoms are permitted on site.  
  • The team will always maintain a strict two metre distance from customers and one metre between teammates in accordance with the government’s recommendations.
  • Gloves (one-time disposable) will be worn by all staff working on your vehicle and/or areas such as vehicle keys, door handles (exterior and interior), steering wheels, gear sticks and the handbrake handle will be sanitised pre and post servicing your vehicle.
  • Strict hand washing and/or sanitising routines are in place. As a minimum team members will be completing hand washing and/or sanitising between each vehicle that is serviced.  
  • A detailed site staff and visitor contact list will be maintained - date and time of visit, first name, surname, contact number and address (this will be acquired on your phone or email booking and checked we you arrive).
  • EFTPOS machines will be sanitised pre and post use. We will NOT be able to accept any cash payments.
  • Only one customer will be permitted in the showroom at a time to eliminate face-to-face or sustained close contact.
  • Key contact areas within customer and staff areas will be cleaned and sanitised regularly.


Level 2 – Outside of Auckland and Waikato

You can expect to also see increased sanitisation and safety measures when you visit one of our stores outside of Auckland.