You've come to the right place for services. We can handle most tyre related jobs like puncture repairs, wheel alignment, balancing, tyre rotation and nitrogen inflation, but we can also replace your car battery. We have 2 full auto servicing plans, currently available at selected stores across New Zealand.

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Auto servicing plans

Get your car, 4x4 or van serviced at Tony's Tyre Service from as low as $149. Available at selected stores across New Zealand.

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Warrant of Fitness

Along with vehicle servicing, WoF inspections are now available at selected Tony's Tyre Service stores.

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Automotive Maintenance & Repair

At Tony’s Tyre Service, we provide a range of maintenance and repairs for all vehicles. If your vehicle needs repairs, it is generally wiser to take care of the issue immediately, rather than waiting until the issue becomes critical, as it could cause additional damage and affect the vehicle’s road-worthiness.

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Wheel Alignment

Protect your tyre investment; misaligned wheels will cause your tyres to wear excessively and irregularly. Having correctly aligned wheels is also essential for safe handling and braking; it can even help to reduce driver fatigue.

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Free puncture repairs

At Tony’s Tyre Service we give our customers free puncture repairs on their vehicles. If you ever get a flat, we’ll repair it and put it back on your car for FREE. No stress.

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Wheel Balancing

Unbalanced wheels can mean an unstable and unsafe vehicle. Our team has the gear and the know-how to fix this for you. This will involve placing your wheel and tyre on a balancing machine to ensure that the wheel spins correctly without any speed wobbles.

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Tyre Rotation

Rotating your tyres regularly will make them last longer. We don’t mean making them go around and around; a tyre rotation is changing the position of the tyre on the vehicle. It’s simple but effective.

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Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Compressed air will leak out of a tyre rapidly. Alternatively, nitrogen will leak three or four times more slowly than compressed air. Because of this stability in air pressure, nitrogen can offer some pretty useful advantages.

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Let our team check your battery for free! If you do need a new battery, we stock leading brands and can recommend the right one for your car, 4x4 or van. 

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