Auto servicing plans

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Express from $149
Express Plus from $179
Change engine oil (up to 5 litres of standard oil)
Replace oil filter (with standard oil filter up to $20.00)
Inspect brake pads (visually, if applicable)
Inspect brake discs (visually, if applicable)
Check and test brake/clutch fluid
Inspect and top up auto transmission or gearbox fluid
Visually inspect and top up power steering fluid
Inspect and top up differential fluid (if applicable)
Check coolant level and top up if required
Check glycol/inhibitor level
Inspect air filter
Inspect fuel filter
Check battery water level and top up if required
Test battery
Top up windscreen washer fluid
Inspect drive belts
Check external lights
Inspect windscreen washer spray pattern
Inspect wiper blade performance
Clean windscreens (front and rear exterior/front interior)
Written vehicle safety report
Adjust brakes (wheels off)
Inspect spark plugs (based on direct access to plugs)
Inspect all transmission pipes and hoses
Pressure test radiator and radiator cap
Check coolant hoses
Check brake hoses and pipes
Visually inspect all power steering pipes and hoses
Inspect CV boots
Inspect steering rack boots
Inspect shock absorbers for leaks
Inspect suspension components and bushes
Inspect transmission/engine mounts
Lube door hinges
Dust dash
Deodorise cabin interior

Pricing based on a standard four cylinder petrol vehicle. Additional charges may apply for non-standard or additional parts and additional labour. For selected vehicles this can include oil, oil filter and spark plugs. Please ask in-store for details.