Free puncture repairs

At Tony’s Tyre Service we give our customers free* puncture repairs on their vehicles. If you ever get a flat, we’ll repair it and put it back on your car for FREE. No stress.


Free puncture repair sticker


Terms and conditions

*Free puncture repair offer is valid for car and 4x4 tyres. Free puncture repair is available only to a customer who displays the Tony’s Tyre Service free puncture repair sticker on their vehicle’s windscreen and is only available to tyres purchased from Tony’s Tyre Services (original purchase validation may be required).

Offer is only available to members of the public; trade workshops and garages are excluded.

To ensure optimum tyre safety, only tyres that suffer a penetration in the tread area and meet standard criteria are repairable. To view these standards in detail, please see below.


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Radial tyre puncture repair standards

To ensure optimum tyre safety, only tyres that suffer a penetration in the tread area and meet the below criteria are repairable.

  1. Puncture occurs from belt edge to belt edge on tread area (green area shown in image below).
  2. Puncture is no larger than 6mm (8mm for light truck and truck radial)
  3. Tyre has not worn below 1.6mm of remaining tread depth
  4. Tyre has no visible sign of under inflation or RunFlat damage
  5. Maximum of 3 repairs with a minimum of 150mm between repairs (For RFT maximum of 2 repairs, minimum of 400mm apart).

NB: Penetration occurring in the side wall (red area shown in image below) cannot be repaired in store. Always follow the repair procedures provided by repair material supplier. Never use an inner tube as a substitute for a proper repair.

Cold vulcanisation repairs should not be carried out in the shoulder/sidewall areas due to the lack of casing reinforcement and the high flex that occurs in these areas. It is a legal requirement that all tyre repairs be completed to New Zealand Standard 5423 (or the equivalent British or Australian standard). I.e. the repair procedure and materials of a reputable tyre repair supplier are used.


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 Calculated width values for area 'T'


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