Warrant of Fitness

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A Warrant of Fitness (WoF) is a regular check that your vehicle meets required safety standards, at the time of inspection. Our WoF covers but is not limited to:

Tyre condition (including tread depth)
Brake operation
Structural condition (rust is not allowed in certain areas)
Glazing (is your windscreen safe?)
Windscreen washers and wipers
Doors (do they open and close safely?)
Safety belts (must not be damaged or overly faded; buckles must work properly)
Airbags (if fitted)
Speedometer (must be working)
Steering and suspension (must be safe and secure)
Exhaust (there must be no leaks and the exhaust must not be smoky or louder than the original exhaust system)
Clean windscreens (front and rear exterior/front interior)
Fuel system (there must be no leaks)

A WoF is not a pre-purchase inspection. It doesn't include many areas of a vehicle's condition.
For example it doesn't check:

Engine, clutch, gearbox and differential condition
Lubricant levels and condition
Paint work condition and some rust in non-structural areas.

If your vehicle fails a WoF inspection you cannot drive it on the road.  We will discuss options with you to bring your vehicle up to WoF standard.