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Bridgestone Ecopia Fuel Saving Tyres

The Bridgestone Ecopia range can save you fuel without compromising on safety or comfort.


Fuel savings of up to 5.7%^

Independent testing to the ADR 81/02 test standard demonstrated Ecopia EP100 delivers a fuel saving of 5.7% compared to a conventional tyre.

At a fuel price of $1.80 per litre, this saving equates to a 10 cent per litre fuel discount voucher in your pocket every time you fill up!


Lower rolling resistance enables Ecopia tyres to roll 42% further* than conventional tyres.

Bridgestone Ecopia compound features state‑of‑the‑art reinforcement particle technology which reduces heat build‑up and in turn reduces rolling resistance. 

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^Product independently tested in accordance with ADR 81/02 on 2009 Toyota Corolla fit ted with tyre size 195/65R15. Actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions depend on factors such as traffic conditions, vehicle condition and driving style. Ecopia EP100 fuel consumption test performed against conventional competitor tyre.

*Rolling resistance test conducted in 2010 by Bridgestone New Zealand using two identical VW Golfs fitted with tyre size 195/65R15. Both vehicles were rolled down a ramp from a height of 1.1m (back wheel height). The vehicles fitted with Ecopia tyres travelled an average of 85m and the vehicle fit ted with conventional tyres travelled an average of 60m. This was a difference of 42%