Tyre Cover Plus

Did you know that not all puncture repairs can be fixed? For example, if the tyre has been punctured through the sidewall, this often means the tyre cannot be repaired to a safe standard, meaning a new one would be needed.

For a small fee, Tyre Cover Plus entitles you to FREE TYRE REPLACEMENT if the tyre is damaged beyond repair*. So protect your investment, make sure you ask our team about Tyre Cover Plus with your next tyre purchase.



*Tyre Cover Plus terms and conditions

Applicable to tyres damaged under normal driving conditions with a legal remaining tread depth (1.5mm). Excludes the following situations: (a) a motor vehicle accident between two vehicles; (b) tyre damage attributed to abuse ie. excessive driving on a flat tyre, misalignment etc.; and (c) vandalism or wilful damage. Only applies to tyres supplied and fitted by Tony’s Tyre Service. Tyre Cover Plus does not cover instances where an after-market self sealing gel has been used on the tyre.